Sunday, April 1, 2012

Introduction to the 'intersection of the Orchid'

Orchids are hermaphrodite, i.e. pollen and flower pistil in one, whereas the nature of the gonads is monoandrae (male and female sexes is at one place) so that orchid plants are easy to experience including pollination. Pollination can occur unintentionally by nature, such as insects. The fall of pollen to the pistil head will cause the occurrence of pollination; the process is much easier going on that has the type of Orchid flowers adhesive substances on the pistil (discus viscidis). Orchid that do not have adhesive substance called polinia, while the Orchid that have an adhesive called polinaria.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Enter the e-life

Some people say it is time for information technology era. The modern life we live in. I just want to say that it become a necessary part of our life. The information update secondly, life moving fast. 
It takes influence in the life style too. We can see how fashion now spread its mode entire world. We can see it in education too. Anyway, it improve to all part of human life.
So, as a beginner, I try to write this and my other post just to participate and share anything with you all.